Cleaner Commodities With Maximum Efficiency

Viably’s single-stream recycling solutions enable you to optimize material processing and sorting while increasing the amount of clean recyclable commodities generated to increase revenue and landfill diversion.

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Fewer than half of Americans understand the basics of recycling.

Per the Paper and Packaging Board

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Produce Higher Purity Recyclables, Increase Revenue, Lower Costs and Divert More From Landfills

Whether you’re an SMB, enterprise-level organization, or municipality, Viably will work with you as a partner to help you generate cleaner recyclable commodities, reduce production costs, generating higher market revenues and lower costs of waste disposed to landfills.

  • Separate 2D, 3D and fines fractions in one efficient process
  • Reduce impurities from entering downstream sorting
  • Increase the amount of commodities that can be sold domestically
Baled single-stream recyclable plastics.
A single-stream recycling facility featuring the Komptech Ballistor ballistic separator.


Recycle Single-Stream Faster And Cleaner With Proven Solutions Built For Your Business

At Viably, we consult and collaborate with you to design and implement high-throughput single-stream recycling solutions to efficiently produce clean recyclable commodity materials.

  • Paper Products and Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Aluminum and Metals
  • Glass

/ Mobile Solutions or Stationary Plant Systems

Discover Industry-Proven Single-Stream Recycling Technologies By Category

Recover more value from commodities by producing cleaner recyclables through efficient sizing, screening, and separating of materials, to maximize production, lower operation and labor costs, and increase diversion rates.

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