Push Profitability With Advanced Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Recycling Equipment

Most municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling facilities capture less than half of the value of recyclable materials. Viably offers innovative MSW processing solutions that effectively capture the total potential value of municipal solid waste.

+ $229B

The North American waste management market size is expected to reach $229.3 billion by 2027.
per Allied Market Research


What Is MSW?

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a diverse mixture of items discarded daily, including furniture, appliances, packaging, and general household refuse. In North America, the push for effective MSW recycling is driven by both environmental and economic imperatives. Proper recycling processes, supported by advanced technologies, enable the conversion of waste into valuable resources. This transformation is essential for environmental sustainability and offers significant economic benefits by reducing disposal into landfills.

The move towards a more circular economy in the United States and Canada is underpinned by an evolving regulatory framework that promotes waste reduction and recycling. Advances in recycling technology play a pivotal role in achieving these goals, making it possible to process MSW more efficiently and effectively. As such, embracing these technologies and adhering to regulatory guidelines are vital steps toward responsibly managing our resources and fostering a sustainable future.

/ Better Outcomes

What can you Achieve Through MSW Recycling?

MSW processing can be profitable when waste materials are correctly sized, screened, and separated. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business (SMB), enterprise-level organization, or municipality, Viably will partner with you to optimize production and produce cleaner commodities to increase revenue and maximize landfill diversion.

1. Produce Cleaner Commodities

Adopting advanced recycling equipment technologies in material processing offers Municipal Solid Waste recyclers a significant edge by enhancing the purity and efficiency of processing recyclables like plastics, wood, paper, and cardboard. Innovations like industrial shredders, separators, and screeners not only streamline sorting and separation, reducing operational costs, but also increase the market value of the recyclable commodities.

  • Advanced technologies yield cleaner MSW recyclables, fetching higher market prices
  • Reduced contamination cuts processing time and costs, boosting operational efficiency
  • Improved MSW recycling reduces landfill waste, enhancing environmental sustainability
Separated municipal solid waste in bunkers.

2. Increase Landfill Diversion Rates

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) recyclers leveraging advanced technologies like pre-shredders, ballistic separators, and material screens stand to gain significant economic advantages. These innovations not only reduce waste transportation and landfill tip fee costs but also enhance revenue through the production of cleaner, more marketable commodities. By increasing diversion rates, recyclers can expect a more sustainable financial footing in the MSW recycling market.

  • Streamline MSW material processing operations and processes
  • Reduce transportation, landfill disposal and tipping fee costs
  • Generate cleaner recyclable commodities that command higher market prices
MSW being screened by trommel screen machines

3. Improve Revenue

MSW recyclers employing advanced technologies can greatly enhance operational revenue by streamlining production and processes. These innovations help minimize material handling and processing time leading to reduced labor costs and yield higher-quality recyclable commodities. Recyclers reduce operational expenses and increase the market value of cleaner end-products, leading to substantial economic advantages in the MSW recycling industry.

  • Pre-shredders, separators, and screeners optimize material processing time and costs
  • Produce higher-quality recyclables that command better market prices
  • Gain process efficiencies that lead to significant savings in overall operational costs
The Komptech Ballistor as part of an MSW waste processing facility line.
Komptech Terminator shredder processing municipal solid waste.


Achieve More Efficient MSW Recycling Results With Proven Solutions Built For Your Business
At Viably, we consult and collaborate with you to design and implement high-throughput MSW processing solutions to efficiently size, screen, and separate recyclable materials with higher market values.
  • Aluminum, Steel, and Iron
  • Paper and Corrugated Cardboard
  • Wood, Glass, and Plastics
  • Food Waste, Green Waste, and Textiles


Discover Industry-Leading MSW Recycling Equipment Technologies

Recover value from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by efficiently sizing, screening, and separating materials to maximize production efficiency, lower operation and labor costs, and increase diversion rates.

Power Source
Waste Streams
Max Throughput
  • Terminator 6000 S

    CAT® C18 Tier 4 Final / 600 HP

    C&D, MSW, Single-Stream Recycling

    Up to ~75 Tons Per Hour

    View Product
  • Ballistor 10300

    Electric / 14.7 HP

    C&D, MSW, Single-Stream Recycling, Organics and Food Waste

    Up To ~210 yd³ Per Hour

    View Product
  • Nemus 2700

    Perkins Tier 4 Final / 99 HP

    Organics and Food Waste

    Up to ~230 yd³ per hour

    View Product
  • Terminator xtron

    CAT® C13 Tier 4 Final / 440 HP

    C&D, MSW, Single-Stream Recycling, Organics and Food Waste

    Up to ~60 Tons Per Hour

    View Product
  • Ballistor 8300

    Electric / 14.7 HP

    C&D, MSW, Single-Stream Recycling, Organics and Food Waste

    Up To ~170 yd³ Per Hour

    View Product
  • Terminator 3400 S

    CAT® C9 Tier 4 Final / 330 HP

    C&D, MSW, Single-Stream Recycling

    Up To ~50 Tons Per Hour

    View Product
  • Ballistor 6300

    Electric / 7.4 HP

    C&D, MSW, Single-Stream Recycling, Organics and Food Waste

    Up To ~130 yd³ Per Hour

    View Product
  • Ballistor 4300

    Electric / 7.4 HP

    C&D, MSW, Single-Stream Recycling, Organics and Food Waste

    Up To ~80 yd³ Per Hour

    View Product

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