Uncover the Value in Municipal Solid Waste

Most MSW facilities capture less than half of the value of recyclable materials. Viably offers innovative MSW processing solutions that effectively capture the full potential value from municipal solid waste.

+ $229.3b

The North American waste management market size is expected to reach $229.3 billion by 2027.

per Allied Market Research


Produce Cleaner Commodities, Increase Diversion Rates, and Improve Revenue

MSW processing can be profitable when waste materials are properly sized, screened, and separated. Viably will partner with you to optimize production and produce cleaner commodities to increase revenue and maximize landfill diversion.

  • Create Clean, Uniform Materials for Streamlined Separation
  • Efficiently separate 2D, 3D and fines fractions in one process
  • Achieve Higher Purity Recyclables With Greater Market Value
Separated municipal solid waste in bunkers.
Komptech Terminator shredder processing municipal solid waste.


Achieve More Efficient MSW Recycling Results With Proven Solutions Built For Your Business

At Viably, we consult and collaborate with you to design and implement high-throughput MSW processing solutions to efficiently size, screen, and separate recyclable materials with higher market values.

  • Aluminum, Steel, and Iron
  • Paper and Corrugated Cardboard
  • Wood, Glass, and Plastics
  • Food Waste, Green Waste, and Textiles

/ Mobile Solutions or Stationary Plant Systems

Discover Industry-Leading MSW Processing Technologies By Category

Recover value from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by efficiently sizing, screening, and separating materials to maximize production efficiency, lower operation and labor costs, and increase diversion rates.

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