Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2020
AUTHOR: Viably

Sparta Builds Next-Generation C&D Recycling System With Komptech Ballistic Separator

Komptech Americas and Sparta C&D System

Leading Massachusetts construction and demolition (C&D) recycler Thomson Brothers Industries (TBI) tapped Sparta Manufacturing to design and build its next-generation C&D recycling system, following its devastating late summer 2019 fire. The highly hands-on Thomson Brothers have been recycling high volumes of C&D waste since the early 2000’s, and took this opportunity to explore if and how recycling technologies have changed over this period.

Installation site of the new Thomson Brothers C&D Recycling System by Sparta Manufacturing
TBI C&D recycling facility under construction.

As the TBI team discovered, the exciting news is that the C&D recycling industry has experienced a major technology breakthrough.  And TBI will be the first C&D recycler in the Northeast United States to take full advantage of it!

The new TBI system design goals included integrating select key equipment that survived the fire, optimizing the fit/flow in the same building footprint, and leveraging new technology to increase recovery efficiency while substantially reducing labor.

Continually challenged, re-worked, and re-drawn in 3D, the highly collaborative Thomson Brothers-Sparta team layout design/integration plan took shape.

Computer render of the new C&D recycling system by Sparta Manufacturing featuring the Komptech ballistic separator.
Computer render of the new C&D recycling system by Sparta Manufacturing featuring the Komptech ballistic separator.

As an industry-leading C&D system integrator, Sparta has the refreshing opportunity to select the best available technology/equipment, and to design and build the system around it.  In this case, that key piece is the innovative and robust Komptech ballistic separator, supported by its operationally hands-on team committed to its success.

“Nobody makes the best of everything. Working with Sparta gives us the opportunity to make sure we have the best technology from the manufacturer who specializes in it.”
–Thomson Brothers Industries

Designed to uniquely make a 3-way separation based on size (5″±) and shape (2-D vs. 3-D), this game-changing Komptech ballistic separator acts as the system’s traffic cop, routing the separated streams to downstream mechanized processing and minimized labor. With equipment able to do much more, far fewer people can do the rest,’ says Howard Fiedler, VP of Sales for Sparta.

The Komptech ballistic separator removes 0-5" and splits the 2D and 3D streams.
The Komptech ballistic separator removes 0-5″ and splits the 2D and 3D streams.

In TBI’s breakthrough Sparta system, the C&D debris will be pre-shredded, sized and separated through a combination of ballistic separation, density separation, and magnetic separation.  While the rebuilt TBI recycling facility may look similar from the outside, its ground-breaking Sparta C&D recycling system will be turning heads and profits for years to come!


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