Date: Monday, May 1, 2023
AUTHOR: Team Viably

Komptech Americas Named ‘2023 Best Place to Work’

In March 2023, The Denver Business Journal named Komptech Americas one of the Best Places to Work in Denver for medium-sized businesses. On Friday, April 28, the publication hosted an awards reception where the top firms were named per category. Komptech Americas was awarded second place in its category.

The Denver Business Journal’s Best Place to Work awards recognize companies in the Denver metro area that go above and beyond in creating a positive work environment and culture for their employees. Winners are determined based on feedback from employee surveys and are recognized for their commitment to creating a workplace that promotes growth, development, and success.

The awards are given out in various categories based on company size, and the selection process involves a survey completed by employees. Businesses in the Denver metro area highly covet this prestigious award, a testament to their commitment to employee satisfaction.

Komptech Americas’ company core values, “Invested-Guides-Evolving-Together,” were paramount in achieving this commendation, along with the company’s workplace culture, benefits, and overall employee experience. These values are the cornerstone of how Komptech Americas employees interact with each other and their customers. To be ‘Invested’ means being passionate and driven to create a positive difference in the waste and recycling industry. Being a ‘Guide’ means always going above and beyond to ensure customers and team members achieve more. The company prides itself on ‘Evolving’ within the waste and recycling industry and being eager to learn and share knowledge, internally and externally, to help employees and customers grow. Finally, Komptech Americas believes that by working ‘Together’ with kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect for one another, they can accomplish great things for themselves, their customers, and the planet.

“Our core values are not just symbolic words and phrases on our lobby wall. Our team demonstrates them daily through our approach to work, communication, and collective mindset with each other, as well as our customers,” stated President Brandon Lapsys. “This award is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we are committed to supporting them in their professional and personal growth.”

Other key contributing factors contributing to Komptech Americas second place finish were added benefits and activities, including Food Truck Fridays, an annual off-site All Hands Retreat, inflation-fighting grocery gift cards, company paid-continuing education, health and wellness programs, and a focus on healthy work-life balance. Also, the company’s recognition of employee success, like the President’s Club, GEM award, Core Value awards, Years of Service awards, and internal shout-outs, were well received during the award evaluation process.

Members of the Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) team at the DBJ’s 2023 Best Places to Work Awards Ceremony.

Being named one of the Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work is a significant achievement for Komptech Americas and is only the beginning of many exciting things for the company’s future. As 2023 progresses, Komptech Americas looks forward to continuing its efforts to provide the most forward-thinking waste treatment and recycling solutions and to support and empower its clients with new capabilities, helping them evolve their businesses and protect the planet.

“We are proud to be a leader in the environmental technology industry. This recognition as the Best Place to Work by the Denver Business Journal only strengthens our commitment to our employees and customers,” added Lapsys.


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