Date: Tuesday, September 5, 2023
AUTHOR: Brandon Lapsys

Komptech Americas Is Now Viably—What This Change Means For You

Viably team with service truck at internal brand launch event, June 2023.

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For over a decade, Komptech Americas has been a leading supplier of industrial waste and recycling equipment. And while you can count on our team to continue as the master distributor of Komptech technologies across North America, we’re expanding our capabilities, partnerships, and equipment lineup under the new brand name of Viably.

We chose the name Viably because that’s how we approach everything we do. From parts and service to rental and pre-owned machine sales, there’s a lot we can do to help you increase efficiency, drive throughput, and produce the highest quality end products.

Our change to Viably brings with it some exciting opportunities:

  • We will soon introduce the new Komptech Lacero high-speed grinder, engineered for tough wood and green waste applications.
  • We fully support Stationary Plant System integration, from design through installation and after sales support.
  • Viably is a distributor of the full line of Turbo Separator food waste depackagers manufactured by Scott Equipment Company. These industry-proven systems separate up to 99% of organics from institutional and consumer packaging.
  • We also distribute GypStream drywall recycling systems from Scott Equipment Company, which separates 99% pure gypsum from drywall paper backing.
  • Viably is the North American Master Distributor of Harp Renewables Bio Digesters, a range of aerobic food waste digesters that reduce food waste volume by an average of 70% in 24 hours, producing a nutrient-rich, premium output that can be used as a soil enhancer, biomass fuel, or anaerobic digestion feedstock.

If you have any questions, I invite you to reach out. We’re excited to share more about Viably and allow you to see what new can do for you.

Brandon Lapsys
President, Viably

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