Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2024
AUTHOR: Kate Brookes

Brandon Lapsys Receives 2024 CDRA President’s Award

At the recent 2024 C&D World convention and exhibition, Viably President Brandon Lapsys was recognized with the prestigious CDRA President’s Award. This accolade, given by the Construction and Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA), celebrates individuals who demonstrate outstanding commitment to advancing the recycling of C&D materials.

Through advocacy, education, outreach, and research the CDRA promotes construction and demolition material recycling and reuse. With the U.S. producing over 600 million tons of recoverable C&D materials yearly, the CDRA plays a crucial role in fostering environmentally responsible solutions in the industry.

The CDRA President’s Award is given to highly regarded individuals who exhibit exceptional dedication and passion for the CDRA’s work, going above and beyond regular board responsibilities. As CDRA President Jason Haus articulated, “Our Board is fortunate to have several talented leaders committed to the industry and our mission. Brandon’s leadership and dedication to the CDRA are highly valued and appreciated.”

Since joining the CDRA Board of Directors in 2020, Lapsys has contributed to the organization’s impactful initiatives aimed at the end markets for recycled materials. “I believe in the research, advocacy, and development of end markets that CDRA tries to grow and mold. This helps our customers and the industry at large. All of this means more opportunities for recycling and less landfilling,” stated Lapsys.

“There is no better community of industry stakeholders that is more well-informed on C&D recycling,” said Lapsys. His recognition underscores the immense value of the CDRA in encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange among C&D professionals, driving positive change within the construction and demolition waste recycling industry.


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