Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2023
AUTHOR: Team Viably

Join Viably At The 2024 C&D World Conference And Exhibition

2024 C&D World Conference and Exhibition

Uncover the Power of C&D Waste Recycling Innovation

As a 2024 Diamond Sponsor of this event, Viably is proud to attend and exhibit at the annual convention and exhibition of the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association in Bonita Springs, Florida. The Viably team will be on hand throughout the event to showcase the cutting-edge GypStream drywall recycling system manufactured by Scott Equipment Company and the game-changing Komptech Ballistor ballistic separator. Join our team in Booth #200 and explore how Viably’s innovative C&D waste processing technologies can help revolutionize your business for greater efficiency and profitability.

GypStream: Redefining Drywall Waste Management

The GypStream system, manufactured by Scott Equipment Company, is a patented, proven solution for drywall recycling. It efficiently separates and recovers 99% pure gypsum powder that’s recyclable and marketable to agriculture, compost, or drywall manufacturing.

  • Patented striking system separates gypsum from paper
  • Recover a fine gypsum powder with less than 1 mm diameter
  • Increase diversion, cut tipping fees, and create new revenue

Ballistor: 3-Fraction Separation In a Single Process

The Komptech Ballistor, electric-drive waste separator combines screening with ballistic paddle movement to separate 2D, 3D, and fine fractions in a single process. The Ballistor maximizes downstream sorting efficiency and safety while optimizing landfill diversion and recovery rates.

  • The 2D fraction is transported upward with ballistic movement
  • The 3D fraction rolls downward and is removed
  • Fines are filtered through holes in the rotating screen paddles

The Viably Team at C&D World 2024

Viably will be represented by four of our esteemed team members at the upcoming C&D World 2024 Conference and Exhibition: Brandon Lapsys, Keith Bartron, Garrett Lapsys, and Brad Check. Together, their collective expertise forms a robust knowledge base that they will bring to our exhibit booth. The Viably team will be ready and available to answer your questions, discuss our portfolio of product solutions, and highlight our successful collaborations with clients in the C&D waste recycling sector. We look forward to meeting with you for insightful dialogue on tailored solutions for your C&D waste recycling needs.

Brandon Lapsys
Brandon Lapsys
Keith Bartron
Director of Operations - N. East U.S.
Keith Bartron
Director of Operations – Northeast U.S.
Garrett Lapsys
Area Sales Manager - Midwest U.S.
Garrett Lapsys
Area Sales Manager – Midwest U.S.
Brad Check
Sales and Applications Engineer
Brad Check
Sales and Applications Engineer

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