Date: Friday, March 29, 2019
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Blog: Customer Story - Humalfa

Colorado organic fertilizer company, Humalfa, finds the compost turner they need to meet customer expectations for quality, while keeping compost production high.

With a broad base of customers within the agriculture, professional turf, and residential fertilizer markets, it’s crucial for a company like Humalfa to maintain high standards of quality across all their organic compost products. With market demand consistently rising, Humalfa chose to invest in a Komptech windrow turner to help maintain the production and quality they required.

That’s why Farrel Crowder, owner and manager of Humalfa, purchased the company’s second Komptech Topturn compost windrow turner, upgrading from the X53 to the newer X63 model.

“It’s considerably more fuel efficient,” said Crowder. “They’re doing it with less horsepower and way less fuel and doing more work. It’s just good engineering.”

Starting their research years before the company began its fertilizer production operation, Crowder and his team at Humalfa can spot quality compost when they see it. And so do their customers who use Humalfa products on their crops, pasture lands, and other applications.

“We start out with this raw beef manure and compost it, when we’re done it smells earthy,” he said. “The nitrogen is all organic nitrogen, which is the most stable form. It’s just a very good fertilizer.”

In order to meet quality expectations without sacrificing efficiency, Crowder purchased the Komptech Topturn X63 in part, because of its ability to turn up to 5,800 yd3 per hour of compost. And although Humalfa’s X63 turner is relatively new to the organization, Crowder says he’ll be ready to bring in another Komptech machine when the time comes.

“I’d buy another Komptech in a heartbeat,” he said. “The service, the way they take care of it, and their machines. It’s just a heck-of-a good machine.”

Now that the Topturn X63 is turning the compost at Humalfa, they can rest assured knowing that they have a reliable machine producing perfect windrows.


Humalfa™ is an advanced organic fertilizer company that is motivated to amend soil to increase yields and profits for agricultural and horticultural interests. Humalfa uses its proprietary process to produce an all-natural and completely organic fertilizer that offers both short- and long-term benefits to the soil. Humalfa products accomplish this by promoting microbial activity that produces healthy plant growth and accelerates production.

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