Date: Friday, February 8, 2019
AUTHOR: Team Viably

USCC’s COMPOST 2019 Conference In Review

A look back at COMPOST 2019

A look back at the premiere professional meeting for composting and organics recycling.

Phoenix, Arizona played host to this year’s USCC Compost 2019 Conference and Trade Show, bringing professionals from across the industry together in the desert for one of biggest compost-focused events of the year. The four-day event was packed with educational seminars, workshops, and a trade show exhibition during the day, with fun social networking events in the evening.

Something for Everyone

COMPOST 2019 opened with US Composting Council Executive Director, Frank Franciosi, who provided a warm introduction to the conference and an overview of what attendees could expect over the next few days. As Frank mentioned, it was great to see so many new people attending the conference for the very first time.

Next, Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) Vice President, Brandon Lapsys took the stage and delivered a few brief words on the progression of the industry and the conference before introducing the conference’s opening keynote speaker.

Brandon Lapsys
Brandon Lapsys introduces the opening keynote speaker at COMPOST 2019

From the start of the event, it was nearly impossible not to notice the energy and excitement that conference-goers were feeling as they attended focused workshops and education sessions. In the exhibition hall, solutions, opportunities, and expertise were showcased for booth visitors to absorb and learn. With people attending the conference from so many different perspectives of the compost industry, there was something valuable for everyone, from the casual gardener to the commercial compost production company.

In the Exhibit Booth

Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) was once again the conference’s Headline Sponsor, and our booth featured an all new design with messaging and information centered around the Elements of Smarter Composting:

  1. Shredding
  2. Turning
  3. Screening
  4. Separating

With nearly all the Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) sales team available in the booth throughout the show, conference attendees were able to talk one-on-one with our product and industry experts, to gain information and answers to their own composting challenges. Having a large open booth conveniently located near the breakfast and lunch buffet, further enabled quick and easy knowledge sharing for the team.

Since they were such a hit last year, we once again handed out new, custom-designed dress socks for Compost 2019 booth visitors to take home. In honor of this year’s event being held in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, colorful cactus plants were also handed out to visitors of the booth. The pink and yellow ones proved to be the most popular and the first to go.

The Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) marketing team has already started making plans for next year’s sock design. Be on the lookout for the Compost 2020 iteration!

Product Demo Day

Following the close of the trade show exhibition, the USCC conference finished with its annual Product Demonstration Day, where industry suppliers put their technologies to work for everyone to see. From grinders and shredders to screeners and turners, conference visitors were able to watch machines process materials live, up close, and in action. Combine all this heavy machinery with a nearby Air Force base with jets flying overhead, and you’ve got a hard-hats-on, ear-plugs-in kind of day.

The all new Topturn X5000 is ready to create the perfect windrow at COMPOST 2019

The Komptech equipment lineup consisted of the Multistar XXL-2 star screen, the Topturn X5000 windrow turner, the Crambo 6000 dual-shaft shredder, the Nemus 2700 trommel screen, and the Multistar S3 star screen. Our entire service team was on-hand to operate equipment and make sure all the Komptech machines performed as expected. Slim Burns, our Training Coordinator, operated the all-new Topturn X5000 to create the perfect compost windrow for a captive audience.

See You In Charleston

The Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) team is already excited to begin planning for USCC’s COMPOST 2020 in Charleston, South Carolina. As a proud a supporting member of the US Composting Council, we look forward to continuing our sponsorship of the USCC’s annual conference and tradeshow. We can only hope that next year’s conference brings as much energy and innovation as this year’s delivered.


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