Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2020
AUTHOR: Team Viably

Komptech Dealers Receive Factory Training

News: Dealer training in Germany - January 2020

Members of Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) Komptech dealer network recently completed an advanced training course on star screen technology at the Komptech factory in Germany.

In January 2020, members of the Viably Komptech North American dealer network traveled to Wartenberg, Germany to participate in a factory-led training course from Komptech GmbH. This 3-day course consisted of a series of advanced star screen training sessions covering a variety of key service and operational topics.

The first day of training featured an in-depth classroom discussion surrounding star screen operational theory and a detailed review of the various star deck types. In the afternoon, training participants took part in a factory-directed demonstration of how to properly build star shafts for maximum efficiency. This hands-on portion of the program drove productive discussions among students and factory instructors.

On day two, training participants broke out into four smaller learning groups, each covering individual topics of star screen operation and maintenance. Group 1 began with hands-on exercises involving windsifter electrical wiring for Multistar XL3 star screen machine. Group members installed breakers, contractors, relays and wiring from start to finish. Group 2 took part in an overview discussion of proper Pre-Delivery Inspection practices including component inspection, machine variations and current updates. Group 3 covered a deep-dive learning session into the electrical track drive system of a Multistar XL3, exploring the machine’s key components, operation features and maintenance checkpoints. Group 4 received an educational presentation of the complete evolution of the ALBG star screen electrical system, from past to present. This informative session ignited a healthy amount of Q&A among the group participants and factory instructors.

The final day of training included an overview presentation of the factory’s current and future development of the Multistar XL3 track system as well as an informative Tips and Tricks session on display programming for Komptech star screens. These sessions provided valuable opportunities for constructive questions and dialogue between dealer maintenance technicians and Komptech factory experts.

Participant feedback from this 3-day training course was very positive. Along with receiving certificates of course completion, training participants reported receiving a good amount of valuable information that they could incorporate into their regular machine operation and maintenance practices.


Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) regularly conducts similar training sessions for customers and dealers each year. These trainings span a variety of topics across the entire product line of Komptech equipment, from shredders to compost turners, to screening and separating machines. If you would like more information on Komptech training or how to enroll, please contact us at


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