Date: Monday, February 20, 2023
AUTHOR: Team Viably

Meet The Stationary Plant System Projects Team

A Komptech waste shredding and separating plant system.

The Viably Stationary Plant System Projects Team is expanding with the addition of Brad Check as Sales and Applications Engineer to help plan and implement facility solution projects for customers.

Solid and organics waste processing facilities today face many challenges, from increasing state and federal legislation to manual movement and handling of waste between facilities for processing. These added requirements and manual processes significantly increase the fuel, labor, and maintenance costs of waste processing operations. The demand for more efficient, technology-based processes is greater than ever before. Viably is addressing these needs and challenges by expanding its internal team focused on stationary system solutions.

The Stationary Plant System Projects Team at Viably helps customers plan and implement waste processing systems for C&D, MSW, single stream, and organics waste streams, including food waste. Led by Chad Anke, the team works with manufacturers, vendors, and partners to develop custom waste processing plant solutions. Chad joined Komptech Americas (now Viably) in 2018 and is responsible for the strategy and business development of the Viably’s stationary systems.

“Viably’s Stationary Plant System Projects Team helps customers plan and implement facility solution projects of any type and size, especially on the front end.” said Chad Anke, Director of Stationary Projects, “We have the skills and resources to establish the right solution for our customers’ requirements.”

The Viably team begins with a model solution for the designated waste stream and then customizes the design based on each customer facility’s unique size, shape, and requirements. Plant system designs are completed in-house rather than outsourced, which enables a quick turnaround time, typically two to three weeks, from initial renderings to full proposal.

“I love the solutions, challenges and continuous problem-solving this job entails,” says Anke. “With our custom systems, the possibilities are near limitless for customers.”

Chad is an avid skier out of the office and regularly hits the slopes across multiple states. He admits that skiing is his passion because it “simultaneously provides both peace and exhilaration.” Since learning to ski at four years old, Chad is teaching his son to ski.

The Viably Stationary Plant System Projects Team recently added Brad Check as Sales and Applications Engineer. In this role, Brad applies his mechanical engineering experience to creating custom plant system layout designs.

“I find it exciting and fulfilling to be a part of a team that is expanding the reach of critical technologies and processes that have a real impact on our planet,” said Check.

Brad relocated to Denver to be part of the Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) team. He looks forward to living the Colorado outdoor lifestyle, spending much of his free time hiking, skiing, biking, and running.

Want to learn more about Viably’s full line of stationary waste processing plant technologies and system solutions? Contact the Stationary Plant Projects Team at:

Chad Anke
Director of Stationary Projects
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Brad Check
Sales and Applications Engineer
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