Date: Monday, April 13, 2020
AUTHOR: Team Viably

CDRA Awards Brandon Lapsys as 2020 Member of the Year

Brandon Lapsys, General Manager of Komptech Americas, is chosen as the CDRA 2020 Member of the Year award

Each year, the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) selects one of its members to honor for their extraordinary service to the mission of the organization. In March 2020, at the C&D World annual convention in Las Vegas, Brandon Lapsys, President of Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) was chosen as the 2020 Member of the Year honoree.

According to the CDRA, to be considered for the annual award, candidates must “exemplify leadership, defined as outstanding and enduring contributions to the success of the Association and to lending quantifiable contributions to CDRA.” It’s an award that recipients, nominees, and members take seriously, much as they do their involvement in such an important organization.

Brandon has been a CDRA member for many years, having attended the annual conference every year since 2009. He has held many roles within the organization, from serving as co-chair of the Membership and Marketing Committee to serving on the Conference Committee and being named a member of the CDRA Board of Directors.

Brandon Lapsys receives the 2020 Member of the Year award by the CDRA
Brandon Lapsys receives the 2020 Member of the Year award by the CDRA

When asked what being awarded the 2020 C&D Member of the Year Honoree meant to him personally, Lapsys replied, “That I am doing my part to help the C&D recycling industry advance. It has been rewarding for me to recruit new member companies to join this valuable organization. CDRA advocates for C&D recycling, while at the same time invests in quality resources on behalf of our members to help them solve real problems.”

The CDRA is made up of individuals dedicated to helping solve challenges faced by those in the C&D industry. Lapsys sees two areas of focus being especially important.

“We not only need to educate the market, whether it be the general population, regulators and legislators, but we also need to establish end markets for the commodities that come from the waste stream. The CDRA is working hard at both, especially with the new end markets committee that was formed earlier this year.”

Working directly with North American C&D recyclers on a day-to-day basis, Brandon has his finger on the pulse of the industry’s evolution. He maintains a genuine sense of excitement about what is happening now in the C&D industry and what is on the immediate horizon.

“With the emergence of new recycling technology, some of which is offered by Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) C&D recyclers are discovering new, smarter ways to process difficult material,” explained Lapsys. “I am excited at helping companies impact their bottom line.”

Lapsys says he’s honored and proud to have received the 2020 Member of the Year award. But even more than that, he is proud to be a part of an organization that is making a difference.

“I find it rewarding to be able to surround myself with thought leaders who enjoy working together to tackle industry problems and strive to keep valuable materials out of the landfill. It’s important we all think about the world our children will inherit.”


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