Harp Renewables CX-20
Waterless Aerobic Biodigester
A high-performance machine with the ability to continuously process food waste.

The Harp Renewables CX-20 is a continuous-feed, aerobic biodigester that processes ~3,150 pounds per day of food waste and other organics. The CX-20 reduces material weight and volume by up to 85% and converts it to a high-value, nutrient-rich soil amendment in 24 hours, without water.


Up to ~3,150 Pounds Per Day

Waste Streams

Organics and Food Waste

Power Source


What Goes In:

Process up to ~3,150 pounds per day of food waste and other organics, including meat, shells and bones - BPI certified products can be accepted

What It Does:

Material is heated to 160° F to kill pathogens and toxins, while enzymes, rotation, and airflow create optimal decomposition

What Comes Out:

Produce a stable, nutrient-rich, high-value amendment product for compost or soil which can be used for optimized plant growth

  • Harp Renewables CX-20 food waste biodigester.
  • Touchscreen on the Harp Renewables biodigesters.
  • Material output mechanism on the Harp Renewables biodigester.
  • Diagram of the process of converting food waste to soil amendment using the Harp Renewables biodigester.
  • Test plants from Harp Renewables biodigester soil amendement product.

    Core Features


    Biologically breaks down up to ~3,150 pounds of food waste daily, performing hydraulic, metabolic, and remineralizing phases of organic decomposition within 24 hours


    Automatic environmental and waste reporting system can be controlled and monitored remotely, recording and forecasting waste statistics and carbon footprint reductions


    Heats to 160°F for pathogen reduction that ensures food waste is pasteurized and processed according to U.S. EPA and European BREF standards


    Lowest environmental emissions of any organic waste process thanks to the smart sensors and a complete filtration system


    Sequester more carbon by lowering nutrient volatilizing, and capturing and mineralizing more nutrients into a valuable soil amendment vs. chemical fertilizer

    See the Harp Renewables Biodigester in Action

    / About the Manufacturer

    Harp Renewables manufactures a wide range of waterless, aerobic biodigesters that convert food waste and other organics into a dry, safe, nutrient-rich soil amendment product. Since 2014, the company has emerged as a global leader in thermophilic aerobic digestion and food waste treatment solutions.

    / model comparisons

    Which one is right for you?

    Power Source
    Waste Streams
    Max Throughput
    • Harp Renewables CX-20 biodigester rendering 1


      Electric 3-Phase 480V / 63A

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up to ~3,150 Pounds Per Day

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    • Harp Renewables CX-10 biodigester rendering 1


      Electric 3-Phase 480V / 40A

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up to ~1,574 Pounds Per Day

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    • Harp Renewables CX-5 biodigester rendering 1


      Electric 3-Phase 208V or 240V / 16A

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up to ~787 Pounds Per Day

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    • Harp Renewables CX-2 biodigester rendering 1


      Electric 3-Phase 208V or 240V / 16A

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up to ~315 Pounds Per Day

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