Komptech Hurrikan S
Windsifter Separator
A one-two punch for separating and removing lightweight contaminants from organics.

Separate and remove light fractions from screened compost in two steps. First, using a patented "pressure-suction" process, a targeted air knife separates materials. Then, two powerful suction blowers, draw out lightweight contaminants.

  • Mobile
  • Stationary


Up to ~100 yd³ Per Hour

Waste Streams

Organics and Food Waste

Power Source


What goes in:

Pre-screened but unfinished compost including overs and contaminated materials including plastics

What it does:

Material is first separated by a targeted air knife. Then, lightweight materials are drawn out by an adjustable suction blower

What comes out:

High-throughput separation o up to 95% of lightweight plastics, films, foils, rocks and Fe-metals from screened compost over

  • Side view of the Huriikan S windsifter separator.
  • Closeup view of the windsifter units on the Komptech Hurrikan S windsifter separator.
  • Overhead view of a Komptech Hurrikan S windsifter separator processing compost.
  • The Komptech Hurrikan S windsifter separator processing compost.
  • Rear view of the Komptech Hurrikan S windsifter separator processing compost.
  • The overs fraction discharging from the Komptech Hurrikan S windsifter separator.

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    Core Features


    Powerful, patented dual-blower "pressure-suction" system


    Vibrating infeed and enclosure shakes material to increase throughput production


    Finished output quality can be enhanced with the optional magnetic drum and stone separator which pulls away inert, heavy objects


    Four rugged wheels, simple hitch for easy mobility, and independent on-board diesel power unit


    Run up to 100 yd³ per hour

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    Komptech is the world’s leading technology developer and equipment supplier for recycling solid and organic waste. Their equipment solutions operate for over 4,000 customers in over 80 countries and regions worldwide.

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    Power Source
    Waste Streams
    Max Throughput
    • Hurrikan S

      JCB Gen Set Tier 4 Final/ 80 HP

      Electrical Power Input / 55 kW

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up to ~100 yd³ Per Hour

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    • Stonefex

      JCB Gen Set Tier 4 Final / 55 HP

      C&D, Organics and Food Waste

      Up to ~130 yd³ Per Hour

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