Gypstream G-42
Drywall Recycling System
Convert old drywall into 99% pure gypsum that’s 100% reusable.

This patented and proven drywall recycling system separates gypsum from drywall’s paper backing. Instead of paying to dispose of drywall into landfills, recover 99% pure gypsum powder that’s marketable to agriculture, compost, or drywall manufacturing.

  • Stationary


Up to ~16 tons/hr

Waste Streams


Power Source


What goes in:

Quickly and cleanly separate gypsum from wallboard paper backing without shredding

What it does:

Patented striking system and centrifugal force successfully separates and isolates the gypsum from paper

What comes out:

Recover 99% pure gypsum in an even, fine powder with a diameter less than 1mm

  • Large pile of pure gypsum powder after being recycled in the Gypstream drywall recycling system
  • The paper backing from drywall separated from the gypsum powder after being processed in the Gypstream G-30 drywall recycling system
  • Hand holding pure gypsym powder after being processed in the Gypstram drywall recycling system.
  • Hand holding pure gypsum powder which can be used in agriculture and compost applications.

    Core Features


    Giant infeed hopper keeps loaders busy while processing continues


    Twin screw infeed conveys and meters the drywall into the 42" diameter processing chamber


    56 adjustable pitch paddles separate the gypsum from the paper backing


    Electric design reduces facility fuel and maintenance costs


    A single operator can process up to 16 tons of drywall per hour

    See The Scott GypStream In Action

    / About the Manufacturer

    Scott Equipment Company has been a separation innovator for over 30 years. Their systems have become the cornerstone in the waste recycling industry, specifically for the recovery of gypsum from drywall and organic materials from packaging.

    / model comparisons

    Which one is right for you?

    Power Source
    Waste Streams
    Max Throughput
    • G42 GypStream drywall recycling system - angle 1

      GypStream G-42

      Electric TEFC 3-Phase Motor / 75 HP


      Up to ~16 tons/hr

      View Product
    • G30 GypStream drywall recycling system - angle 1

      GypStream G-30

      Electric TEFC 3-Phase Motor / 50 HP


      Up to ~8 tons/hr

      View Product

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