Komptech Primus
Diesel-Hydraulic Trommel Screen
It has a big appetite for tough jobs, but won't eat your wallet.

This mobile 70 HP diesel-hydraulic trommel screen provides the durable, reliable, and cost-effective performance to take small to mid-sized composting, mulch and soil operations to the next level.

  • Mobile


Up To ~90 yd³ Per Hour

Waste Streams

Organics and Food Waste

Power Source


What goes in:

Efficiently screen most organics including compost, mulch, and food waste plus soils, C&D fines and MSW

What it does:

The hydraulic drum drive system provides 175 ft² of effective screening area with up to 90 yd³ per hour of throughput

What comes out:

High-quality and uniform screening of products for compost and other organics

  • The Primus Trommel Screen being loaded with material and screening.
  • The Primus Trommel Screen processing soil.
  • Side view of two-fraction material discharge during screening with the Primus Trommel Screen.
  • The Primus Trommel Screen with an optional Grizzly unit installed.
  • Operator controls on the Primus Trommel Screen.
  • Side view of the open drum doors exposing the drum of the Primus Trommel Screen.
  • Outside view of the drum on the Primus Trommel Screen.
  • Closeuip of the drum cleaning brush on the Primus Trommel Screen.

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    Core Features


    Large and steep-walled hopper allows for easy, efficient feeding and puts an end to material bridging


    A freely revolving and adjustable circular brush automatically cleans the screen drum to prevent clogging


    Clean and change drums quickly through the easy-access side panels and simple-to-change drum system


    Add an optional grizzly or windsifter for light film plastic removal


    Achieve efficient and consistent screening throughput of up to ~90 yd³ per hour

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    / About the Manufacturer

    Komptech is the world’s leading technology developer and equipment supplier for recycling solid and organic waste. Their equipment solutions operate for over 4,000 customers in over 80 countries and regions worldwide.

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    Power Source
    Waste Streams
    Max Throughput
    • Primus

      Perkins Tier 4 Final / 70 HP

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up To ~90 yd³ Per Hour

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    • Nemus 2700

      Perkins Tier 4 Final / 99 HP

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up to ~230 yd³ per hour

      View Product

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    Once we understand your unique waste processing challenges and goals we’ll apply our industry experience, product expertise, and full-resource capabilities to deliver the right solutions.

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    / In-depth workflow analysis and expert solution guidance

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