Viably creates gypsum and Profits from drywall

Viably, formerly Komptech Americas, has announced its support of the C&D waste recycling market by offering the GypStream separator.

The GypStream system safely and efficiently separates 99% pure gypsum powder from the paper backing used in drywall. 

“Each year, 660 million tons of construction and demolition waste goes to landfills or incinerators in the U.S.,” says Viably President Brandon Lapsys, “and we know that most facilities do not have systems in place to recycle or recover gypsum.”

“If we can help customers turn used drywall Into 99% pure gypsum powder that’s 100% reusable, it’s a huge win for small businesses, enterprise operations, and municipalities,” says Lapsys. “C&D recyclers gain a valuable commodity and profit source and reduce many of the traditional operational costs associated with waste hauling and landfill tipping fees.”

From an environmental perspective, separating and recycling gypsum is also a significant step forward. When placed in landfills with other biodegradables, gypsum contributes to high concentrations of toxic gases with a negative environmental impact. 

Recycled gypsum is valued for: 

  • Drywall manufacturing
  • Agricultural fertilizer 
  • Portland cement
  • Compost
  • Remediation
  • Lawn and garden products

Check out the GypStream and Viably’s ever-expanding line of innovative waste and recycling solutions at

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