Organics and Food Waste Is a Growing Challenge and A Rising Opportunity

Waste is just a resource that hasn’t been put in the right pile yet.

+ $30b

The U.S. organics waste market is expected to expand to nearly $30 Billion by 2030.

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Generate Profitability From Organics and Food Waste While Expanding Landfill Diversion Rates

Whether you’re an SMB, enterprise-level organization, or municipality, Viably will work with you as a partner to enable you to efficiently process green waste, food waste, and other organics waste materials to produce quality mulch, compost, and soil amendment products.

  • Create Clean, High-Quality Compost
  • Produce Top-Grade Mulch and Soil Enrichment Products 
  • Generate Fuel Source Materials For Biomass Production
Komptech Topturn windrow turner processing compost piles.
Komptech Crambo processing wood waste into the Multistar One star screen.


Process Organics, Wood and Food Waste Efficiently With Proven Solutions Built For Your Business

At Viably, we consult and collaborate with you to design and implement high-throughput waste processing systems to size, screen, separate, and compost most organics.

  • Municipal and Consumer Green Waste
  • Packaged or Separated Pre- and Post-Consumer Food Waste
  • Wood Waste, Land Clearing Debris and Paper
  • Biosolids, Manure, and Agricultural Waste

/ Mobile Solutions or Stationary Plant Systems

Discover Industry-Leading Organic Waste Processing Technologies By Category

Increase the waste material types and quantities you can accept and process, drive greater production efficiency, produce high-quality end products, and uncover new sources of profitability in organics recycling.

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