Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2024
AUTHOR: Team Viably

Join Viably At The COMPOST 2024 USCC Conference And Trade Show

COMPOST 2024 - USCC Conference and Tradeshow

As a 2024 Diamond Sponsor of this year’s COMPOST 2024 Conference, Viably is proud to attend and exhibit at the annual trade show of the United States Composting Council (USCC) in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Viably team will be on hand throughout the COMPOST 2024 event to showcase our industry-leading Komptech Topturn X compost windrow turner, the cutting-edge Turbo Separator food waste depackaging system manufactured by Scott Equipment Company and the game-changing CX series food waste biodigester manufactured by Harp Renewables.

In The Viably Trade Show Booth

Join our team in trade show Booth #801 and explore how Viably’s innovative organics and food waste recycling technologies can help revolutionize your business for greater efficiency and profitability. Here is a what you can expect to see inside the booth.

Topturn X: Premium Compost In Less Time And Space

Consistent turning is critical to achieving optimal decomposition in composting. Our line of Komptech windrow turners are industry leaders. The Topturn X produces windrows with ideal porosity and pile structure to decrease composting times and odors with less space, time, fuel, and labor.

  • Efficiently mix and pile green waste, manure, and biosolids
  • Optimize windrow temperatures and reduce composting times
  • Produce clean, odor-free, and high-value compost products

Turbo Separator: Separate Organics From Packaging

The Turbo Separator system pre-processes, depackages, and separates valuable organics from packaged, mixed, pre and post-consumer food waste. Convert packaging into additional revenue streams and recover clean organics for use in commercial compost production and diverted from landfills.

  • Process 50-100 tons per day of wet and dry food waste
  • Separate 99% of packaging and convert it into revenue
  • Recover 99% clean organics for use in compost production

Harp Renewables Waterless Biodigesters

The Harp Renewables CX Series is a line of continuous-feed, aerobic biodigesters that process food waste and other organics. These biodigesters reduce material weight and volume by up to 85% and convert it to a high-value, nutrient-rich soil amendment in 24 hours, without water.

  • Process food waste, including meat, shells and bones
  • Material is heated to 160° F to kill pathogens and toxins
  • Produce a stable, nutrient-rich, high-value soil amendment

The Viably Team at COMPOST 2024

Viably will be represented by several members of our esteemed team at the upcoming COMPOST 2024 USCC Conference and Trade Show. Together, their collective expertise forms a robust knowledge base that they will bring to our exhibit booth and Demo Day. The Viably team will be on-hand and ready and available to answer your questions, discuss our portfolio of product solutions, and highlight our successful collaborations with clients in the organics and food waste recycling sector. We look forward to meeting with you for insightful dialogue on tailored solutions for your organics recycling needs.

Two Viably team members will present at COMPOST 2024. Christy Hurlburt, Director of Product – Biodigester and Depackaging Systems, will discuss food waste integration in composting at 8:15 am on February 7. Join her for the Toolbox Talk “Revolutionizing Food Waste Recycling with Biodigestion for Sustainability and Profitability” on the trade show floor. Later that day at 1:45 pm, Kurt Schoppe, CCOM™, Director of Operations – West U.S., will draw from his experience managing a composting facility in southern California and share insights on facility safety in the session “Preventing Fires Before They Start.”

Brandon Lapsys
Brandon Lapsys
Viably logo icon.
Kurt Schoppe, Director of Operations - West U.S.
Kurt Schoppe
Director of Operations – West U.S.
Kevin Yuncker
Sr. Area Sales Manager – East U.S.
Keith Bartron, Director of Operations - N. East U.S.
Keith Bartron
Director of Operations – Northeast U.S.
Lee Short
Sr. Area Sales Manager – Canada and AK
Christy Hurlburt, Director of Product – Biodigester and Depackaging Systems
Christy Hurlburt
Director of Product
Garrett Lapsys
Area Sales Manager – Midwest U.S.

See It Live And In Action At Demo Day

Viably is pleased to demonstrate a variety of equipment technologies at this year’s COMPOST 2024 Demo Day. Join us on Friday, February 9, 2024 from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm at the Tomoka Landfill where you will see up close, the Komptech Crambo 6000 dual-shaft shredder, the Komptech Multistar XL3 star screen, the all-new Komptech Lacero 8010 horizontal grinder, and the Komptech Topturn X5000 compost windrow turner.

Komptech Crambo 6000 shredding logs and wood waste.

Komptech Crambo 6000

The Crambo 6000 is a low-speed shredder that comes equiped with a powerful 600 HP CAT® engine, 134 teeth, and counter-rotating drums that devour even the toughest wood and green waste, wood and organic waste materials.

Core Features:

  • One of the largest shredding units in the industry
  • Simple and fast setup with remote-controlled operation
  • Shred up to approximately 75 tons of green waste per hour

Komptech Multistar XL3

The Komptech Multistar XL3 star screen is an efficient, 80 kVA, tracked or wheeled, multi-fraction screener engineered to add versatility to mid- and large-volume mulch, soil, and compost producers.

Core Features:

  • Streamline production by grinding into the large 9.2 yd³ hopper
  • Avoid bottlenecks with extra-long overs/coarse screen deck
  • Run at a screening capacity of up to ~400 yd³ per hour
Side view of the Multistar XL3 star screen processing compost on a snowy day.
Komptech Lacero grinding wood waste.

Komptech Lacero 8010

The Komptech Lacero 8010 is a horizontal grinder with a powerful 812 HP CAT® diesel engine that delivers high-volume production with maximium mobility for wood waste, biomass, mulch, and organic waste operations.

Core Features:

  • Extra large material infeed table measuring 13 feet in length
  • Massive 3.5 ton, 41″ diameter, downswing drum
  • CAT® C18 engine with maintenance-free PT Tech clutch

Komptech Topturn X5000

The Komptech Topturn X5000 is a 330 HP compost windrow turner that offers a wide variety of performance features to drive round-the-clock windrow turning for most any sized commercial composting operation.

Core Features:

  • Sturdy, telescopic frame, buckle-resistant design
  • Hydraulically-extended service platforms with ladders
  • Pressurized, climate-controlled cabin operation
The Komptech Topturn X5000 windrow turner processing a windrow.

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