Komptech Multistar One
Star Screen
Electrically-driven, high-performance screening that won't shock your system.

This 25 kW electric 2-fraction screening machine saves fuel, limits noise, and reduces both emissions and maintenance. Built for small to mid-volume mulch and compost producers, this semi-mobile star screener processes a wide range of organic waste to produce high-value products and fuel.

  • Semi-Mobile


Up To ~262 yd³ Per Hour

Waste Streams

Organics and Food Waste

Power Source


What goes in:

Screen pre-shredded green waste, forestry residue, dimensional lumber, wood waste, and compost, for commercial mulch, soil, and compost production

What it does:

Delivers economical material screening with a small, semi-mobile footprint

What comes out:

Separates finished screened product from the overs fraction which is returned via a conveyor directly to the shredder for reprocessing

  • The Multistar One star screen processing mulch.
  • The Multistar One star screen processing wood waste for mulch production.
  • The Multistar One star screen screening mulch from the Komptech shredder.
  • The side maintenance panel flaps open on the Multistar One star screen.
  • Closeup of the open side of the Multistar One star screen.
  • The screen deck of the Multistar One star screen.

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    Core Features


    Feed material directly from a shredder into the large 3.3 yd³ hopper


    Save on maintenance and extend product life with CLEANSTAR self-cleaning elements


    Gain space with its small, semi-mobile footprint and compact hook-lift frame


    Power from the grid or a combination of a hydraulic pump on the shredder and hydraulic generator on the Multistar One

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    / About the Manufacturer

    Komptech is the world’s leading technology developer and equipment supplier for recycling solid and organic waste. Their equipment solutions operate for over 4,000 customers in over 80 countries and regions worldwide.

    / model comparisons

    Which one is right for you?

    Power Source
    Waste Streams
    Max Throughput
    • Multistar One

      Hybrid Drive / 25 kW (Electric Input)

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up To ~262 yd³ Per Hour

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    • Multistar XL3

      Diesel Engine-Powered Gen Set / 80 kVA

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up To ~400 yd³ Per Hour

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    • Multistar XXL-2

      Diesel Engine-Powered Gen Set / 50 kVA

      Organics and Food Waste

      Up To 650 yd³ Per Hour

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