Viably Fights Food Waste with Depackaging

Viably, formerly Komptech Americas, is now the distributor of the Turbo Separator food waste depackager manufactured by Scott Equipment Company. 

The Turbo Separator line enables food waste recyclers to separate 99% of food organics from the packaging of cased, bottled, and canned goods.

We’re always looking for the most forward-thinking partners and solutions,” says President Brandon Lapsys. ”The U.S. organics waste market is expected to expand to more than $50 billion by 2030, and we want to ensure our customers have the tools they need to be successful in this market. Step one was finding a highly effective and industry-proven food waste depackager to add to our current equipment lineup.” 

Separating organics from packaging is a trifecta for small businesses, enterprise operations, and municipalities.” Lapsys explains, “Recyclers can now gain clean access to valuable organic materials that can be used in producing high-value compost products. They can also separate the paper, plastic, and metal packaging for downstream recycling. And they can greatly reduce the traditional operational costs of trucking and landfill tipping fees.” 

Turbo Separator recovers 99% clean organics from:

  • Industrial, institutional, and consumer cans, bottles, cartons, pouches, and packaging
  • Pre-consumer packaged goods
  • Pre-consumer mixed source-separated organics (SSO)
  • Post-consumer food waste

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