Unpack Opportunities in Food Waste With the Turbo Separator Depackaging System

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LP __ Unpack the Opportunities in Food Waste with the Turbo Separator Depackaging System

Once you depackage food waste,
there’s nothing left but opportunity.

Pre-process, depackage, and separate organics from packaged, mixed pre-consumer and post-consumer, source separated food waste.

/ Process 50-100 tons of wet and dry packaged organics food waste per day

/ Separate 99% of packaging and turn it into a new revenue stream

/ Recover 99% clean organics for commercial compost production

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Download Unpacking The Potential of Food Waste Recycling

The U.S. organics waste market is expected to expand to more than $30 billion by 2030, and we want to make sure our customers can take advantage of it. Download this report and explore the environmental, financial, and legislative aspects of recycling food waste and get ready to capitalize on opportunities.

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The Turbo Separator recovers 99% clean organics from:

Industrial, institutional, and consumer cans, bottles, cartons, and pouches

packaged goods

mixed SSO

food waste

“Commercial recyclers can now get to the valuable organic materials for use in high-value compost production. They can separate plastics, paper, and metal packaging for recycling while greatly reducing other downstream costs like trucking and landfill tipping fees.”

– Brandon Lapsys, President, Viably

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